Four pieces gift set GOLDEN DROPS

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Product: Gift set of 4 pieces - White with golden drops
The set includes:
* Small milk bottle
* Big milk bottle
* 2 Cappuccino cups

Material: Finest porcelain

Shipping: Free shipping via DHL Express
We will need from 1 to 3 days to prepare the shipment.
Delivery: From 1 to 5 business days after we send the package.

Customer Reviews

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ezra hong
Great quality and will consider buying in the future

I always wanted this years ago when I saw this randomly on instagram. So I bought and I was amaze with the looks and feel of this set. At first I was disappointed because I thought these suppose to be thick and heavy weight. I guess I am so use to using ceramic, I did not realized these are actually porcelain. I left a bad review of this thinking the quality is low but infact it is not. So I am rewrite this review.

After the owner reaching out to me and explain how these are made, I understand now. I did some research online and saw that Porcelain are not the same as ceramic. They are far more higher quality and fancier than ceramic.

My complains here are that the color is not as pure white as I think. It is more like a white egg shell ivory color. I can also see these grainy texture but it does feel smooth. It just look like there is micro dust underneath the glaze. There is also an overlap line at the middle of the milk jug. They said this is the only way for them to glaze these pieces. I have to be honest that I dont like the overlap glaze. I just prefer a cleaner glazing. However, it is not so bad that you have to return it.

Over all my experience is ok. Because I love this so much I dont want to return it, but hopefully they can create new technique that overcome these issues. I am a believer in higher quality should match a high price tag. Other than that, I love how well wrap the packages are and how dedicate they are when it comes to taking care of customer concern.