Set of 2 soup bowls made from the finest porcelain - blue splashes & 22k gold luster details

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A beautiful set of 2 soup bowls made from the finest porcelain, which shines with a warm colors and brings sense of coziness and joy. We made them from finest porcelain with a lot of love and attention.

This items are made and glazed entirely by hand with lead-free glazes and 10% real pure gold. It is baked 3 times. Once at 915 °, a second time at 1200 ° and a third time at 780 °, which makes the porcelain extremely strong and shiny.

Product size - Height 6.5 cm, Width 15.5 cm
Price for the set - $ 95.90

Sets which are out of stock can be purchased but the production time is 30 days. Wwill contact you to discuss the shipping time :)

This is a perfect gift for the special people in our life.
All the glazes are lead free and food safe. We recommend to be washed by hand as all handmade vessels. It can easily be cleaned by pouring hot water into it.
Handmade with love. ❤️ Packed with care.

We pack every item very carefully and do our best to be environmentally friendly. Each item is packed with love in a gift box and wrapped with tissue paper! For more security the pieces are wrapped in bubble wrap. We love to put extra care on gift wrapping making each one truly unique just like the person it is going to be offered to.
Please allow for small differences in sizes and shapes between the items as they are all custom handmade. Each one is unique. The glaze colors might also vary slightly, even in the same batch.