Our story

Ceramics is a thousand-year tradition that combines the connection between man and earth with the natural human pursuit of art. The earliest ceramic articles found on the Bulgarian lands date back to 9,000 years ago. Today, ceramics not only preserve some of our ancient traditions, but also revives the use of materials that are clean, non-toxic and completely safe to use.

Welcome to ZLATNA!

Hello, we are Zlatina & Tsvetomir - owners, designers and ceramicists behind ZLATNAporcelain. We are a young couple (Zlatina /26/, Tsvetomir /29/) who makes that beautiful fine art in modern style with our both hands. We design and create ZLATNAporcelain products in our studio near the historical Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We guarantee that receiving our item, you will feel the love and care that are invested in it!

We are young craftsmen, in love with each other, in life and in our work and we invite you to become part of this beautiful, fine art and the thousands of satisfied customers around the world.
The thrill of making something you love and then sending it off to be loved by someone else on the other side of the world is simply magical.
We work and put our hearts into every piece of vessel we make. That's why for us they all tell a story, they are all unique.
We hope you can also feel that.
We are honored and happy to think that people are using our work when they gather in friendship to share a meal and have good times.
Our favorite material is porcelain, because it makes things look and feel more beautiful and delicate.
All works produced are small batch provisions, one of a kind, made by high-quality materials that offer the uniqueness of handmade pottery and fine art.
Please remember to be kind when purchasing handmade. These items are loved and well intentioned from the minute they are made to the second they are in your hands.
ZLATNAporcelain items are handmade & hand decorated, therefore slight variations or imperfections may be present. These irregularities are due to the handmade process & represent the fingerprints of the maker, thus enhancing the beauty, individuality & personal feel in each piece.
Gold lustre is not for microwave use, hand washing is recommended. Avoid rubbing lustre with abrasives.

Thank you for supporting our small business!
Enjoy ZLATNA handmade porcelain studio!!!

For behind the scenes & works in progress follow us on Instagram @zlatnaporcelain